Our Mission

Our mission is to create joy in learning.

Cresconova is a nonprofit organization that fosters critical thinking, social-emotional learning, collaboration and problem solving. The world has changed drastically over the past 20 years, but so much of what is taught in the classroom has remained the same.

We believe children should learn how to ask questions instead of memorizing facts, how to use their resources to solve a problem, and how to collaborate and negotiate ideas with peers. We want them to see the infinite possibilities for growth and learning in our world, so that they can be the change makers of the next generation. 

A Robert Frost quote states, “A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom.” Our goal is that your child finds delight and joy in their learning journey from the very beginning and that in the end they gain wisdom that transforms them beyond the classroom.

Best Practices in Education

Our skilled instructors have years of teaching experience and design engaging curriculum with depth and complexity to challenge and excite elementary-aged gifted learners.

Active participation in the learning process

Each live class has no more than eight students allowing each voice to be heard while engaging in discussion on a variety of fascinating topics, from philosophy to mathematical thinking. 

One-on-one educational support with a Learning Consultant

A tailored, personalized learning plan for your student, and a centralized portal to connect you to a network of the highest quality services and professionals in gifted learning.