From our community
Cresconova ParentChristina M., San Francisco
 I thought the class you led was phenomenal. I LOVED the way you approached the topic of feedback, and the conversation and video about the kids offering feedback. Just such a wonderful thing to talk about, and so beautifully done. And your presence over Zoom is phenomenal — full of clarity, competence, openness, clear curiosity, deep engagement, and warm energy. We would absolutely love to take a class with you in the future!
Cresconova Parent
My child LOVED having international kids that had just woken up in their class! They  kept telling me about it!
Cresconova Parent
All week my child asks me when their philosophy class will be.  Not because they don't know when it's happening but because they want to make sure not to miss it.
Cresconova Parent
I was in awe the day the class ended and you informally stayed after but for like 30 minutes still discussing with the students!!