Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Yes, Cresconova is a certified 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

This age range is a starting point for us. At 6 years old, many students are able to attend and participate in small group discussions online with some parent support. Our classes are geared towards lower and upper elementary grade levels and will have a low entry point and high ceiling to meet the range of abilities within these age groups. Lower Elementary ages include students 6-8 years old, while Upper Elementary ages include students 8-11 years old. Please read more about our “true fit placement” in the Our Approach section of our website to learn more.

No. Identification of giftedness is dynamic and takes time. If you aren’t sure whether Cresconova classes are the right fit for your child, we encourage you to talk with one of our Learning Consultants. 

We want each student to have the opportunity to share and discuss during our class sessions, as this is part of the inquiry-based and constructivist learning model. Thus, we have capped our class size at 8 students. There are a few classes that are even smaller in size.

We began offering need-based scholarships for students in early 2023. Please reach out to us if the cost of our courses is prohibitive to your family. 

It is our hope that all parents who register for our classes will make it a priority to attend during these times.  We understand under special circumstances do arise; please reach out to us in this case. 

Course-Related Questions

Log into the student portal (green “Student Log In” button on the top right of our website) to see your course dashboard. From here, you can click on each course to see any relevant updates or information. Any timely updates will also go to the parent email used in enrollment.

Parents play an active and important role in their child’s education at Cresconova. We rely on a teacher or adult to help students with technical guidance, including signing on and making sure their audio and video is working properly. Some students may also need guidance beyond the teacher’s ability to redirect in an online class. Parents will be responsible for monitoring their student’s online activity outside of Cresconova courses.

Any required materials that are beyond a pencil and paper will be noted in the course details in our course catalog. We will also send a reminder to parents if there are additional materials needed. The materials for each class will be posted on the Your Live Session page on Teachfloor, our Learning Platform. Please refer to Teachfloor before your first class begins to see an introductory video from your teacher, see course materials (if any), and for your Zoom link to join your class. 

We believe in formative assessment as an ongoing process of evidence-based observation and authentic feedback to students. Our teachers’ feedback on student work seeks to continue the learning process by asking questions and also commenting on features of student learning related to effort and process over the final product. In addition, parents will receive an email at the end of each course with feedback from their child’s teacher which will include a celebration of their child’s strength and a suggestion for a growth area for their child to focus on in the future.

On the Cresconova homepage, there is a “Student Log In” button on the top right of the page. Click on this to take you to our Learning Platform, Teachfloor, where your child will access all of their course materials and links for online classes. 

Our live classes are held on Zoom. See Zoom’s System Requirements. We strongly recommend high-speed internet, and you will also need a working microphone (built-in is acceptable in a quiet space) and working camera. 

Teachers will include a brief class overview and guiding questions on the Student Course Page (on Teachfloor) for each class that can be helpful for students to hear before joining the next class. We do not provide video recordings of missed classes both for student privacy and because we believe strongly that watching a recorded class is not the same as engaging in live, class discussion. 

Any activities provided outside of class are at the teacher’s discretion. These are meant to be fun and engaging ways to continue and deepen learning offline. They are not meant to be viewed as required “homework,” but short 10-15 minute activities either to preview content before a discussion or to apply what was learned in a live class. For anything that the student creates, we encourage you to upload it to the platform so that they can receive teacher feedback on their effort.