Our Approach

Cresconova Cornerstones

These ideals are embedded in our pedagogy and help to shape our curriculum design and approach throughout Cresconova's classes.

How do we personalize learning?

Cresconova strives to personalize meaningful experiences for students. Through flexible, adaptive curriculum designed for the gifted and intellectually curious, we attempt to create spaces for students to take a role in co-constructing their learning. Through discussion-based classes, authentic feedback, and open dialogue between students, family, and our school, we aim to build community and cultivate relationships.

How does personalization inspire learning?

When students experience courses designed for their learning style, while also being involved in communication about their own growth and learning journey, they feel inspired to go further and dive deeper. They form new and original ideas, analyses and solutions, expressions and innovations, those that are both physical and figurative, individual and social. They connect; they communicate; they create.

What can personalized learning and student inspiration build towards?

As students continue to create, connect, and communicate, they find innovative ways to reflect (upon their learning and growth), to evaluate (themselves and the world around them), and to synthesize (notions, designs, and constructions). And as their journeys unfurl, students’ experiences amplify, and their paths spiral upward. Our goal is to personalize opportunities for students to be inspired, in order to build towards further self-actualization, while also strengthening a global community, embettering the world, and imagining and developing that which hasn’t been created, connected, and communicated before.