Our Story

We believe that education should spark curiosity and motivate students to become lifelong learners

All of our classes aim to offer a multidisciplinary approach to learning for elementary-aged students, similar to how we apply knowledge in the real world, with fun, collaborative, hands-on experiences. We seek to provide various types of classes, some offering a wide scope of a big topic and others that dive deep into a specific study.

What is the purpose of elementary education?

As teachers and parents, this is a question that has grounded our mission. We know that what many of us have isn't working or isn't quite enough. To understand what we need to change, we first need to get down to the WHY. What is the goals of education during the primary years?

We believe it is to empower students by allowing them to see the many wonderful ideas that they already have. To foster the creativity and imagination that is a part of them. To show them the world in a new light. To let them explore, build, negotiate, and make mistakes. And to continue to ask many more questions.

Our hope at Cresconova is to be a part of the learning journey, and to continue to strive for these goals which we hold to be an essential part of childhood.