Sunday Sparks

All it takes is a single spark.

Time and time again as educators and parents we have seen that one moment of transformation in a student where they feel inspired by a person they met or a new topic they were introduced to. During Cresconova's Sunday Sparks, our goal is to ignite inspiration, to delve into novel topics, and to activate the curiosity to learn more.  

A Free Webinar for Elementary students & their Families

  • Dive into a variety of topics in our Sunday Sparks webinar series, meant to spark interest in a new content area or renew curiosity in a former topic of interest. 
  • Hear from the experts in various different fields, covering astronomy, economics, art, philosophy, zoology, astrophysics, biodiversity, archaeology… and more!
  • Open to ANY elementary student ANYWHERE in the world! Join us for an educational and inspirational session by registering below.