Unveiling the Mysteries of Conscious Science


*This course is intended for upper elementary students


Class Schedule

Saturdays 10:00-10:50 am PST 

June 22, June 29, (no class July 6th), July 13th, July 20th, July 27th, August 3rd, August 10th, August 17th


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Course Overview

Join us on the verge of a new scientific paradigm, where the material science currently supporting our society can't explain much of what is being observed. Embark on an exhilarating journey beyond the boundaries of traditional science with “Unveiling the Mysteries of Conscious Science”! Together, we will unravel the enigma of quantum mechanics, exploring the fascinating concept of the observer effect and its profound implications for reality. Delving deeper, we will discover the interconnectedness of all things through the lens of energy and vibration, unlocking the secrets of our cosmic existence. But the exploration doesn't stop there! In 'Exploring the Cosmos,' we'll also delve into the intriguing mind-body connection, uncovering how thoughts and emotions influence our physical reality. Drawing inspiration from ancient wisdom traditions, students will gain fresh insights into existence, weaving together modern science with timeless philosophies.

Student Outcomes

  • Students will develop critical thinking skills, enabling them to question assumptions and explore new ideas with curiosity and skepticism.
  • Students will cultivate an appreciation, understanding, and respect for diverse perspectives and learn to draw inspiration from various sources.
  • Through self-reflection and exploration, students will experience personal growth, gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the universe.

Student Experience

Pattern Seeker




Your Teacher: Aditya Chothani 

Aditya is a seasoned educator and transformative thinker with a unique background spanning education, finance, and spirituality. He has experience in gifted education across California and New York City, including a stint at The Nueva School. He continues to broaden his perspective while pursuing an MA in Psychology in Education at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Previously, Aditya spent a decade as an investment banker and consultant before embarking on a three-year journey as a monk at an Ashram in India. Today, with his diverse experiences, Aditya is an educational leader and advocate for holistic growth and learning.