Wild Appetites


*This course is intended for lower elementary students


Class Schedule

Thursdays 4:00-4:50 pm PST

October 3, October 10, October 17, October 24, (no class October 31),
November 7, November 14, November 21, (no class November 28), December 5

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Course Overview

What do a whale shark, a humpback whale and a flamingo have in common?
They’re all filter feeders!

In this course, we’ll explore the diverse world of animal feeding and foraging strategies. We’ll learn about animals that work together, use venom or stun their prey, or even how animals use tools to grab a snack. Using the lens of animal adaptations we’ll uncover some of the unique ways animals are adapted for their specific food preferences. Join us for our feeding frenzy, and discover how different animals find and consume their food.

Student Outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of animal adaptations and how they benefit animals in their quest for food
  • Explore different feeding strategies each week, and learning about the unique adaptations that make foraging possible
  • Compare and contrast different feeding and foraging strategies
  • Utilize structure and function to explore why certain strategies only work for certain animals

Student Experience

Pattern Seeker




Your Teacher: Lindsey Roberts

Lindsey Roberts has worked as a teacher in California for over 8 years. She has a Bachelor’s in Zoology from Colorado State University, a background in marine biology, and a Masters of Arts in Education from the University of San Francisco. Her experience spans from working with animals, conducting scientific research, and classroom teaching at a public charter school in grades k-8. She has a passion for science, math, and fostering curiosity.  She has taught a wide range of ability levels including gifted students. Lindsey enjoys creating project based learning units connecting multiple subject matters in a way for students to better understand. In addition to working at Cresconova, she currently operates Rooted in STEM Education, ( a private tutoring business. Her clients are both international and domestic and many of her current students identify as gifted. They respond to her high level of engagement and deep content knowledge. She is thrilled to share her passions of animals, science, and math with Cresconova students!