Synchronous Scaling


*This course is intended for lower elementary students


Class Schedule

Wednesdays 4:00-4:50 pm PST

April 24, May 1, May 8, May 15, May 22, May 29


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Course Overview

In this course, we will examine David Schwartz's book: If You Hopped Like a Frog with a mathematical eye toward understanding the comparisons he makes. Once we understand how to make such a statement, we will get creative and come up with our own ideas of proportional reasoning. Students will gain confidence in how to write  proportions and solve for an unknown. 

The opening line of the book is: “If you hopped like a frog, you could jump from home plate to first base in one mighty leap!” Are you curious how the author figured that out? Join us to explore proportional reasoning! 

Student Outcomes:

  • Practice research skills, seeking  interesting “feats of strength” in the animal kingdom to apply proportional reasoning to 
  • Apply knowledge of proportional reasoning and solving for an unknown
  • Work together to write and illustrate a new book of creative, proportional statements

Student Experience

Literary Analyst




Your Teacher: Emily Lenhart

Emily Lenhart has worked in education for 10 years with a broad range of experience in elementary and middle school settings at both independent and public schools across the US. During her 5 years at the Nueva School in Hillsborough, CA, she enjoyed learning to meet the diverse needs of gifted learners while earning a Master of Education from the University of the Pacific. Emily currently serves as the math specialist at a public school in rural Iowa, where she strives to support students as they find patterns, make connections, and ask questions. Emily also runs an online tutoring business for gifted students who struggle in math.